Here are the specs. PLEASE READ!!

  • 5 string Ensemble Custom
  • 34″ scale
  • 24 frets
  • neck through construction
  • 3 pc maple neck
  • PauFerro fingerboard
  • alder wings
  • Ohia top
  • Custom dark java finish from Sharon Cline
  • Delano SBC dual coils
  • Muckelroy Pre
  • Hipshot B style bridge 18mm
  • Hipshot Ultralight tuners
  • custom ebony playing ramps. These come with the bass. They are not permanent and can be removed.
  • 9Lbs 1oz
  • comes in a Reunion Blues RBX gig bag

This bass has been sold. Would you like something similar? Please email me at or call directly at 512-618-1781 to discuss your dream instrument.