Muckelroy Basses Ensemble 5 Custom 32″ set-neck


Available!! This awesome bass just arrived at the shop and is available for purchase.

Gently used/not abused. This Ensemble Custom has been taken care of and is in 9.5 out of 10 condition! Here are the specs.

  • Ensemble 5 Custom
  • 32″ scale.
  • set neck construction
  • 3 piece neck (wenge w/ bloodwood center)
  • ebony fingerboard
  • luminlay side dots
  • walnut body
  • 9 piece walnut/maple accents top with maple accents between top and body
  • matching walnut front face caps on neck
  • Kent Armstrong USA custom dual coils
  • Muck Pre
  • Vol/tone stack, blend, treble/bass stack, midrange (p/p a/p). Coil switching.
  • Hipshot A style bridge (18mm) and Ultralight tuners.
  • weighs in right at 9Lbs.
  • comes in a Reunion Blues gig bag.


Please PM me with any questions. You may also email me at or call me directly at 512-618-1781.


headless 31-inch 6-string

headless 31-inch 6-string


Gently used headless 6 string.

  • 31″ scale
  • 24 frets
  • set neck construction
  • swamp ash body
  • curly maple neck
  • ebony fingerboard
  • custom hand painted/poly gloss finish
  • Delano SBC dual coils
  • Muck Pre
  • Hipshot headless hardware (16.5mm spacing)
  • 7Lbs 10oz
  • Comes in a sturdy gig bag

Please DM/PM me, email me at or call directly at 512-618-1781 for pricing.




5-string headless 32″ scale

5-string headless 32″ scale


This headless has been very gently used and is in fantastic condition.  Here are the specs:
Please read!!

  • 5 string headless
  • 32″ scale.
  • 24 frets
  • set neck construction
  • flame maple neck
  • PauFerro fingerboard
  • Hemlock body
  • hand rubbed oil finish
  • Hipshot headless hardware
  • 16.5mm spacing at the bridge
  • custom Delano Soapbars
  • passive electronics (vol, blend, tone)
  • weighs 6Lbs 10oz!!

Comes in an electric guitar sized gig bag.
For pricing details or general questions, please DM me, email me at or call me directly at 512-618-1781.



Bolt Neck Pro Player 5-33

Bolt Neck Pro Player 5-33


Moving along. This one is available!! Contact me to reserve it!


  • Bolt Neck Pro Player 5
  • 33″
  • 24 frets
  • 3 pc maple neck
  • ebony fingerboard
  • Green Abalone front face dots
  • Luminlay side dots
  • one piece Texas walnut body
  • single Delano Xtender pickup.
  • If passive, $2650.

This can be reserved with $1k down.

PM me, email me at or call me directly with any questions.

It’s a Muck. Get it!!!


Muckelroy Basses – 6 string 33″ Ensemble Custom Bolt neck-front

Muckelroy Basses – 6 string 33″ Ensemble Custom Bolt neck-front

Muckelroy Basses - 6 string 33" Ensemble Custom Bolt neck

Give this one a listen. Just some random playing, but it gives you an idea of the tones this bass possesses. Headphones recommend.

This bass is in absolute MINT condition and ready for immediate delivery!!Here are the specs.

  • 6 string Ensemble Custom Bolt neck
  • 33″ scale (24 frets plus a zero fret)
  • 3 Piece Wenge Neck
  • Wenge Fingerboard
  • Luminlay Side Dots
  • Alder Body
  • Custom Satin Paint Finish
  • Delano Triple JSBC’s
  • Passive Electronics (Volume, Blend, Middle Volume, Tone With A Mute Switch)
  • Hipshot A Style Bridge (16.5Mm)
  • Hipshot Ultralight Tuners
  • String-through optional on low B and low E

The tones you can achieve on this instrument are superb! I did route for a battery compartment and I always mention, “a preamp can be added if you want….” But, honestly, it doesn’t need it.
Don’t snooze on this one! It’s a goodie!

This build, brand new/today, would spec out @ just over $5600.
I’m letting it go for $4500!!
PM me, email or call me directly at 512-618-1781 with any questions.