From Brady

Welcome to my video series, “How to build a neck through bass.” In case you missed it on FaceBook, you can have a look here. There will be 35 parts to the series total. I am showcasing one build; taking you through my entire process start to finish. … the videos are here and I hope they serve multiple purposes.

  • Give people a glimpse into what goes into my most basic build.

  • Hopefully inspire a few who are interested in building to give it a go.

  • For folks who already build, perhaps see another/different way of doing it (it’s nice to discover different methods and gain appreciation for what makes each brand unique).

If any of you have specific questions on anything I may have missed in these videos, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You may PM me via FaceBook or email me at

I truly hope you enjoy this series.


Portions edited for clarity